Each Day -  41% of America's children wake up in a single parent home.

The numbers for African American children are vastly higher; in fact 73% of them are born onto out-of-wedlock households. Further, while this statistic does not mean that fathers are not in their lives, research notes that many of these children will spend little to no time with their fathers after five years of age. It's not fully understood what solely creates the increasing distance of dad, but on-the-ground work with parents often point to the inability and or the unwillingness to communicate.

This lack of communication often creates the multiple and compounding frustrations that frequently make it difficult to successfully co-parent. Dark Hearts is a silent film short following the walk in the day of two parents that have found themselves frustrated doing the one thing that means the most to them; being parents.

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About the Film

Presented by Fathers Incorporated and co-produced by Brathwaite Publishing, this 20min silent short film is the depiction of the dynamics that take place between two low-income non-custodial parents with children. The story takes place in Brooklyn, New York over the course of a normal day. The film puts on display how incremental incidents and scenarios can create an unrealistic reality for two parents who live their lives in an interpersonal and psychological parenting bubble.

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Justice (31 year old black male)

Justice a black high school dropout has spend five years of his life in prison, and after several years of attempting to recover, he is still finding it difficult to find a adequate wage earning job. In addition Justice has a 6 year old son with his childhood friend Amber.

Amber (28 year old Black female)

Amber is a driven woman who harbors resentment that her dreams were cut short as a result of becoming a mom in the middle of her college education and pursuing her dreams. She believes that Justice is solely responsible for the conditions in her life. Nothing that he tries to contribute is enough.


Justice and Amber have one child. KJ is a normal active and carefree child. Living in a single parent home is normalized for him, thus mom and dad not living together is just part of their everyday living routine.